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The Data Entry Pros (DEP) specializes in converting paper information to electronic information.  Our state of the art, new facilities in both the US and India allow us to process quickly and with extremely high accuracy. 

We deploy high speed scanners and excellent process controls to ensure fast and accurate scanning of all your documents.  Additionally, retrieval of originals kept for up to 2 months, provides a double check system customers rely on.

Our services include:

- Mailroom functions
- Sort, de-staple, prep and scan documents
- B/W or color, low or high resolution
- Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
- Workflow analysis (example work flow)
- Database integration [Alfresco, Filenet, Documentum, SharePoint and others]

 So, why scan your documents?

Scanning saves you time!

- To/from your storage area, checking the documents out, ensuring security, getting the info you need and then returning them to their secure spot.
- Often there is NO backup of the orginals.
- Are your documents really secure?  Who has access to these originals?

Scanning saves you money!

- No longer need a storage space/facility.
- Lost files no longer an issue.
- Backups exist in multiple source.
- Access can be granted to multiple individuals simultaneously with differing levels of security.


This IS our full-time work  --> so we are quite good at it!