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Our Commitment to YOU

It's not too often you have the opportunity to work with an organization that watches out for YOUR best interest!  At The Data Entry Pros, we feel it a priviledge to do work on your behalf.  We do not take this priviledge lightly.  We know outsourcing portions of your business is not trivial.  You are taking a chance on many levels!  We would be honored to work with you and vow the following commitment to you:

By partnering with The Data Entry Pros you will never feel “stuck” with us!  If we do not perform to your satisfaction, you simply request us to move your work to another company who can better serve you and consider it done! 

Specifically, DEP will always give you full access and control of your account information and never hold your information hostage. Upon written notice we will move/transfer any and all information regarding your account to whom you specify within 5 business days of your request. We will provide the usernames and passwords to all accounts so you never feel “stuck” with us.

We see ourselves as your partner and as such, will never “control” your account information, rather be a “manager” of it.  You will ALWAYS have access to the information and at your call we CEASE operating on your behalf and ensure you have the connectivity and the ability to get into all systems we have created on your behalf.

Upon successful transfer of your information and at your request, DEP will delete and/or return all information gathered and used during the term of our engagement with you.

One last thing.  By working with DEP you provide jobs here in the US and across our globe for those "often forgotten and overlooked" people of our world.  This is our reason for existence.  100% of our profits is returned to the organization and reinvested to stimulate further growth and/or other businesses that will generate more jobs and careers for people.